FAQs and more


Getting Started

Is raw food safe?

What should I expect when my dog or cat switches to Shine Pet Food?

My pet has very few teeth. Can he or she eat Shine Pet Food?

What is the difference between the “raw” and “transitional” recipes for cats? When should I feed one or the other?

Storage and Preparation

How long will the food stay fresh once it has thawed?

How should I handle and store my food?

What about using the microwave to warm or defrost the food?

Can I feed my food frozen?

Is your packaging recyclable?

Why do you recommend thawing out bones before feeding?

Our Recipes/Ingredients

What is tripe? How often should I feed it?

What are the benefits of bone broth?

What are the benefits of raw organs?

What are the benefits of raw goats milk?

What is "healthy grain"?

Are there grains in your food?

Why do you add fish oil?

Why do you use sweet potatoes?

Should I supplement this food?

Why do you add vegetables to the cat recipe?

What is the source of calcium in your food? What is dicalcium phosphate?

Sometimes the food looks or smells slightly different.

My pet still seems hungry.

My pet has stopped eating Shine Pet Food. What should I do?

What’s the difference between “grass-fed” and “grass-finished?”

Why don’t you offer raw poultry recipes for dogs?


I am having trouble transitioning my dog. What can I do?

I am having trouble transitioning my cat. What can I do?

Can I mix with kibble?

My pet won't eat the food. What do I do?

Health Issues

My cat has kidney disease. Should I feed them Shine Pet Food?

Food Safety

Does Shine Pet Food use High Pressure Processing (HPP)?

Do I need to worry about pathogens?

Shipping, Delivery and Pickup

Where do you ship?

How do I order for in store pick-up?

Do you deliver?

How is the (shipped) food delivered?

Why is it so expensive to ship?

How is the food packed?

Why do you only ship some of your products?

What if my food arrives defrosted?

I haven't gotten my delivery. What should I do?

What if my order arrives damaged?

What should I do with the packaging?

Do you accept refunds or exchanges?