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Q: How Do I Transition My Cat to SHINE Pet Food? 


To start, make his or her meal 75% old food and 25% Shine Pet Food. Increase the ratio of new food another 25% when your cat has a solid stool. And keep increasing that way until you are at 100% Shine Pet Food.
Cats are finicky! We recommend starting with a 1lb tub till your fuzz ball decides which protein they find pawfect!

Cats are obligate carnivores that have evolved to need meat protein above all else. Felines thrive when their diet provides a fresh, raw source of proteins and fats. For cats, food is all about freshness and texture.

If your cat is not a kitten, transitioning may take a bit more patience. They may need to get used to a new texture and often find a protein flavor that will make their palette purr. 

Our regular “raw recipe” is designed to emulate how cats eat in the wild. When they catch live prey, their meal includes the stomach contents of the animals, most of which are herbivores. To replicate that, we add small amounts of vegetables that also provide nutrients.

Our transitional recipe is designed for cats just starting out on a raw diet. If your cat won’t make the change to our regular recipes, they can do very well staying on the transitional recipe. Our transitional diets for cats is almost exclusively meat, with a little kelp and sea salt to provide minerals and increase palatability.

Introduce our feline transitional diets slowly. If you give your cat time to adjust to the change, you both will be happy. 


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