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We have in-store activities, adoptions, and classes. Due to Covid, these activities are paused. We look forward to resuming when things are back to normal!

Our Locations

 For questions about shipping or orders, please call our Santa Fe store.

Our Experts

Kim Freeman, DVM, CVA

Dr. Freeman earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida in 1997. She has practiced small and large animal medicine as well as emergency/critical care in New Mexico and Arizona for 25 years. She engages in a stimulating combination of Eastern and Western practice as well as Chiropractic therapy at Gruda Veterinary Hospital. She is very interested in preventative medicine, seasonal health, and especially food therapy using Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism techniques.

Richard Patton, PhD

Dr. Patton brings over 35 years of experience to the topic of pet nutrition, informed by extensive work in comparative and contrasting species. Using humor and decades of professional insight, Patton explains technical concepts with clarity and relevant illustrations, such as the drawback and benefits of raw and natural diets, the role of behavior–both pet and owner, and much more.

Organizations We Support

Animal Rescue

We are a part of a community of people who love dogs and cats. Some are pet parents who have become our customers and friends. And some run nonprofits that we support. These folks make a difference for thousands of critters every year, and We Love Them For It. If you can afford to, please join us in supporting their work. If you can’t afford to support them financially, tell your friends about them and share their work on social media. Or send them a note of gratitude. These folks make our world better.

  • Greyhound Companions of New Mexico
  • Assistance Dogs of the West
  • Felines & Friends New Mexico
  • Lap Dog Rescue of NM
  • Rancho de Chihuahua
  • Espanola Humane
  • Operation Turkey Dog (Colorado)
  • Bridging the Worlds
  • Summit Dog Rescue (Boulder)
  • Pathways of Healing Animal Rescue 
  • In Good Company Sanctuary

Community Support

Love. That wonderful healing energy.

In addition to helping local organizations, we also sponsor animals who are in need of better nutrition and healing in our community. Please reach out to us to learn more.

In The News

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