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Q: How Do I Transition My Dog to SHINE Pet Food? 


To start, make his or her meal 75% old food and 25% Shine Pet Food. Increase the ratio of new food another 25% when your dog has a solid stool. And keep increasing that way until you are at 100% Shine Pet Food.

Some pets take three days to transition and some take three weeks. If your dog is really sensitive to the change, increase the new portion by 10% at a time. Temporary diarrhea and large stool volume are not unusual responses by the digestive system as long as you transition slowly. Adding probiotics to meals, for example, can help.

What if your dog won’t eat the raw food? It may be because the old kibble or canned diet is as addictive as human junk food. To cover up the taste of the poor quality ingredients, processed pet foods often contain MSG (listed as hydrolyzed vegetable protein, caseinate, or autolyzed yeast), table sugar, table salt, sweet tasting propylene glycol (a derivative of antifreeze), and other spices and chemicals. It’s up to you to be strong for the health of your pet. Once they’re free of all the processed residue, they will learn to love fresh, raw food even more.

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