A bowl of healthy dog
food is a call to action

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You love your dog. You love your cat.

We love them just as much. Shine Pet Food grew out of a deep passion for keeping our own beloved companions as healthy and energetic for as long as possible.

Our recipes are based on the work of an extraordinary herbalist that holds a place of honor in the history of natural pet care. Juliette de Bairacli Levy devoted her life to determining the absolute best mix of the healthiest nutrients for dogs and cats—which, for starters, means that every morsel is fresh and real. One hundred percent of the poultry in our recipes is USDA organic-certified and humanely raised; the same goes for our pasture-raised beef. Our other animal protein sources have also been pasture-raised, grass-fed, and only given non-GMO food (don’t get us started), with no introduced hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, or preservatives, ever. And we only use sustainably sourced seafood—wild-caught, USDA-inspected, and human-grade. Our veggies and sprouted grains are 100% organic. All Shine Pet Food products are sourced with the same uncompromising standards. 

Organic certification means full transparency so you know exactly what’s in the bowl and where it came from. 

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You believe all people should be treated ethically.

It’s hard to figure out where to start, but one place is right where you are.

In a world where food companies often have no knowledge of the individuals that grow and pick their ingredients, we make it a priority to know our small farms and ranches, and ensure that everyone who touches our food, from farmer to kitchen crew to label printer, is paid well and treated with respect.

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You care about the planet.

We do too. As activists against climate change, we’ve built our business from the ground up to cause the least harm possible to the Earth, and even put resources back into it where we can. Sustainability drives every choice we make, from the small, local growers and ranchers we source ingredients from (never factory farms) to the minimal waste in our meal preparation process and packaging.

One thing we don’t do is compromise.

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You shop at businesses that align with your values.

Cash is power. As a business, we vote with our wallets too.

Every time we spend money, we determine whether a vendor’s conduct and practices are ones we want to support. We are careful about weighing value versus cost. If a t-shirt is a bargain but made by underpaid workers or in ways that ruin the environment, in terms of true cost, it’s too expensive. As consumers, we owe it to ourselves and each other to understand what we are supporting with every choice we make. Let’s commit together to heal this home we all share. We've take the steps certify Shine Pet Food as a B Corp so our own mission is clear—and just as important as profit to our success.

Shiny Team
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Will you get all that in a single bowl?

Yes, it will make your dog or cat SHINE with more active years and a longer life. But it also represents hundreds of steps in favor of sustainability, fair trade, workers' dignity, animal rights, and compassion.

Notice the wagging tail.

The healthiest pet food on the planet—for the planet