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Who wants to eat the same thing every day? Ask your pup.

Our variety of fresh, scrumptious recipes are made in our kitchen and formulated by animal nutritionists to provide an unbeatable diet.

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Raw Recipe

Human-grade red meat, fish, poultry, bone, and veggies. No starchy fillers. No added hormones or antibiotics.

This is our most popular line, featuring more than ten different protein sources. The fish, poultry, and red meat are human-grade, as are all the vegetables, bone, and other ingredients. Real food for your dog, with no starchy fillers, added hormones, or antibiotics—just like Mother Nature always fed them in the wild.

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Gently Cooked

Jam-packed with nutrition, this food will help your partner grow strong and healthy.

This line is identical to the raw one but gently cooked. With a wide variety of protein sources, the fish, poultry, and red meat are all human-grade—as are the vegetables, bone, and other ingredients. Real food for your dog, with no starchy fillers, added hormones, or antibiotics. The Gently Cooked line is ideal for transitioning your dog from kibble to Shine Pet Food. And it’s great for pet parents who want their pets to have all the nutrition of fresh food without going to a raw diet.

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Puppy &
Support Recipes

These recipes have been specially developed by our consulting veterinarian, Dr. Kim Freeman. The Puppy Diet is packed with nutrition to build strong bones and growing, active bodies. And to improve life for dogs with medical conditions, we have three support diets: one for pups with chronic diarrhea and digestive issues, another for those who have kidney issues, and a third to help with cancer. 

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Meet the people who grow our ingredients and see how your dog, cat, and the whole planet benefit.

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“My mom has been taking me to the shop since the day she got me at 8 weeks. I love the raw food but my favorite is the raw sardines. Yum! I get excited every time I go there 'cause Sabrina lets me play with toys and gives me treats. It’s my happy place. I have never had one health issue and my mom says it’s the food I eat. My fur is like velvet and guess what, it’s because of the food. Best healthiest cleanest raw dog food ever!”

Boulder, CO

“My beloved dog, Maxwell, is almost 12 and he is so incredibly healthy which I attribute in large part to Marty’s Meals [Shine]!”

Santa Fe, NM

“ALL of his allergies are gone! No more scratching, chewing, licking, or suffering! Watson and our family are so happy!”

Boulder, CO

“We adopted Bella from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society two years ago and immediately transitioned her to Shine’s food and treats. She is thriving on the diet and looks forward to every meal. We have chosen to feed her the nuggets, which are so convenient and easy for a small dog, and her favorite treats are the grass-fed jerky and the baked cheese and chicken biscuits!”

Santa Fe, NM