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Q: What is Freeze-Dried Food?


Like a magic carpet, freeze-drying makes it possible to whisk our fresh raw recipes to your pet’s bowl with all their original nutrition and taste.

Like dehydrated food, freeze-drying removes the moisture, making it much lighter to ship (good for the earth and your wallet) and giving it a longer shelf life. But freeze-drying is superior for two reasons. First, it takes out more water. And secondly, it preserves all the nutrition. 

Because the process of dehydration uses heat to evaporate the water, even though it’s low temperature, it affects some of the nutrients. In freeze-drying, the moisture is removed without any kind of warming. As the name suggests, first the food is frozen. Then, in a vacuum chamber, a combination of cold and pressure turns the ice into vapor without going through a liquid phase. The vapor then condenses onto a freezing coil in solid ice form, leaving the food still raw with all its original health benefits intact. Freeze-dried food is usually good for at least a year if stored in air tight containers.


  • In order to cut down on plastic, we ship our freeze-dried food in a closeable paper bag that is compostable and made from recycled materials. 

  • Once you receive it, we recommend putting the food in an airtight reusable container.
  • To feed, rehydrate the food by mixing in some warm water or broth and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before serving. 

  • After hydrating, food will remain fresh for 3-5 days, stored in the refrigerator.

  • Wash hands, serving utensils, surfaces, and bowls thoroughly.

  • Keep all food products, bowls, and utensils away from children.


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