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Meet the people who grow our ingredients and see how your dog, cat, and the whole planet benefit.

Pet food creates more than 63 million tons of CO2 annually—the same climate impact as a year’s worth of driving from 13.6 million cars.

What is Shine Pet Food doing differently?

Every ingredient in our food is chosen not only for the highest quality nutrition, but also for how it affects our carbon footprint. That starts with knowing the methods the ranchers and farmers use, and preparing each recipe by hand in our kitchen.  

We use a variety of protein sources for our dog food. Meat production is the main culprit behind the pet food industry’s greenhouse gases. Our dog food provides the highest quality protein pups need to grow and thrive through meat and poultry, and fish along with a natural balance of organic vegetables and sprouted grains. We never use factory farms, which play a large role in the meat industry’s emissions. We source only from ranches with regenerative practices that actually help the planet by making the soil healthier and reducing CO2. That’s just one of the ways we’re addressing climate change. 

Like almost no other pet food, we make sure that the ingredients in our meals—including the vegetables, chicken, turkey, beef, and duck—are certified organic, which means no added hormones, pesticides, food coloring, or genetically modified anything. And whenever possible, we source locally to reduce emissions from transportation.

Listen, we don’t pretend to have all the answers on climate change—it’s an unfolding issue we’re all learning more about every day. But what we can promise you is this: We’re a responsible company, dedicated to keeping your pet as healthy as possible and, at the same time, doing whatever we can to save this Earth.

Certified Organic Chicken vs. Conventionally Raised Poultry

We use only certified organic, free range chicken, turkey and duck. 

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Grass-Fed & Pasture-Raised vs. Factory-Farmed

All of our beef, lamb, venison, and bison are raised and finished roaming in pastures feeding on grass; the meat is also USDA-inspected, human-grade food.

Compared to meat from animals raised on grain in factory-farms:

Our beef is lower overall in fat, but higher in good fats—with up to five times more omega-3s, research shows; it’s also packed with antioxidants like beta-carotene, as well as vitamin C and vitamin E.

Our lamb contains fewer of the bad fats and three times more omega-3s. It’s also rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been linked to reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

  • Our bison is lower in fat (especially saturated), cholesterol, and calories. It also has a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids and is considerably richer in beta-carotene and CLA.
  • Unlike livestock in overcrowded feedlots, all the animals we use have lived with lower stress and less exposure to disease. The diets they’ve been raised on contain no herbicides, pesticides, or GMO ingredients; they haven’t been given hormones.

Free Range vs. Conventionally-Raised

Like our beef and bison and venison, Shine Pet Food’s lamb is free range. Instead of being finished on grain and confined on feedlots, our sheep graze on open pastures. Not surprisingly, that makes their meat a lot healthier.

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Compared to conventionally-raised lamb, ours contains fewer of the bad fats and three times more omega-3s.


The meat from grass-fed sheep has up to four times the amount of crucial ingredients like calcium, copper, iron, phosphorous, selenium, zinc, and the complete ragne of B vitamins.


Certified Organic vs. Conventional Farming

All our vegetables are certified organic. That ensures that no pesticides, herbicides, or GMO ingredients get into your pet’s food.

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Glyphosate—the most widely used weedkiller on farms in products like Roundup.

Studies in lab animals with high exposure to glyphosate have shown toxic effects on the kidneys and liver.

The healthiest pet food on the planet—for the planet