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Q: What is the Difference Between Gently Cooked and Raw Recipes for Dogs? Which One Should I Feed?


The two lines are exactly the same.

The two lines are identical except that with the Gently Cooked recipes, all the protein is baked in a convection oven—at 160°F degrees for poultry and 140°F degrees for the other meats (the vegetables—with the exception of sweet potato—are raw to maximize their digestibility and nutrition benefits). The one other difference is that the Gently Cooked line is extended to include wild boar and organic certified poultry recipes. For young, healthy dogs, both diets are great. But our Gently Cooked line may be a better option for dogs with intestinal issues or sensitivities and for pets transitioning to Shine Pet Food Recipes. It’s also magic for picky eaters and seniors.

Which one should I feed?

If you have a young, healthy dog or puppy, it’s a personal preference as to which one you select. For older dogs transitioning, sometimes a cooked diet is easier while making the transition. Also, our Gently Cooked recipe is a good option for a dog with a sensitivity to raw or any issues.

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