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Q: My Pet is Overweight. Should I Feed Him SHINE Pet Food? 


Yes! If your pet just needs to trim down and feel better, feeding Shine Pet Food can help you accomplish the target weight in one to three months. It is best to consult with your veterinarian on any possible medical causes so you can eliminate them.

Often, just switching to a wholesome, balanced, fresh food diet will quickly and noticeably change your pet’s activity level, well-being, and overall condition. Start by introducing the food gradually, based on your pet’s ideal weight.

Obesity in pets is a common problem that stems from many causes including: processed foods, overfeeding, metabolic diseases, genetics, breed dispositions, lack of exercise, food sensitivities, and “wrong” diets for the breed or body type. Processed dry food is high in carbohydrates (about 25% to 40%). Dogs and cats can process about 8%-10% of the carbs- the rest is stored in the body as fat and sugar. Weight reduction on processed dry food can be nearly impossible for many dogs. We recommend Dr. Richard Patton's book, Ruined by Excess, Perfected by Lack  for more information.


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