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The Goodies

From premium training nibbles to Munchies you can share with your pup (yes, for humans too!). Our treats are ultra-nutritious, healthy for the Earth, and pretty irresistible. 

Baked in our oven every week, our Munchies mini-cookies are gluten-free and come in different flavors for dogs and their humans. (The in-house favorite here is the Carrot Banana with a cup of tea.) Both the jerky and dehydrated lung—grass-fed, grass-finished lamb and bison—are great for casual snacking and training. And pets will do just about anything for Jack’s Snacks.

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Bones, Broths & Extras

Special foods to chew on and lap up that provide bursts of nutrition and utter bliss.  

There’s nothing like watching a dog eat a bone. We’ve got various kinds, from organic chicken and turkey necks to raw, meaty, grass-fed beef marrow bones, all with health benefits that go out the door. Our raw, fresh goat milk is more digestible and less allergenic than the cow variety and a great alternative. And our bone broth is truly a superfood, full of glucosamine, chondroitin, and other nutrients that help the joints, liver, and immune system. Warmed up and poured over a meal, it’s hard for even the pickiest eater to resist.  

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& Organs

Amazing supplements to maximize a healthy diet. 

Tripe may smell bad to us, but it’s ambrosia to dogs and cats. Because tripe is the whole stomach, it adds highly nutritious digestive enzymes and probiotics to your pet’s diet. Raw organ meat, too, is a treasure trove of nutrients, including usable iron, antioxidant CoQ10, vitamin A, not to mention one of the highest natural sources of vitamin D. Many of Shine Pet Food’s recipes already contain organs, and they’re all designed to be given in rotation. But if you choose those without, this is a great way to balance your pet’s diet. 

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Meet the people who grow our ingredients and see how your dog, cat, and the whole planet benefit.

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“Within the first week of transition he began eating regularly and his health has improved better than ever. I am so thankful to have found a diet that he thrives off of and thoroughly enjoys. Thank you!”

Boulder, CO

“After one visit to the shop I was hooked. I instantly fell in love with the quality of their products, their mission statement and the way their food changed my dog’s life. After one week of eating tripe, Zoe began to show signs of improvement. She had more energy, her eyes looked brighter and most importantly, her stools were solid! It has been over a year now and Zoe has been symptom free and healthier than I have ever seen her.”

Boulder, CO

“Pearl has an active life and looks wonderful....finding this food saved her life....No question about that....You are what you eat....Thank you Sandy and Marty.”

Boulder, CO