Bulk Raw Whole-Ground Rockfish


Are you a DIY-er who loves to create your own pet’s diet? You can buy some of our pure meats in bulk. It’s the same super-high quality meat we use in our recipes only without the other ingredients. This bulk option is perfect for making your own meals that are both awesome for your dog or cat, and great for the Earth.

We source rockfish caught in ways that cause little harm to habitats or other wildlife.

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Whole-Ground Rockfish

Crude Protein (min) 17% Crude Fat (min) 3.75% Crude Fiber (max) .5% Moisture (max) 75%

Keep Frozen. Feed within 6 months. 

Thaw before using. Use within 7 days after defrosting.

The best food on the planet for the planet

What's in the Bowl

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