Heart & Liver Organ Nuggets


Like bone broth, raw organ meat is a treasure trove of nutrients, including usable iron, CoQ10, Vitamin A, essential fatty acids and Omega-3 fats, not to mention one of the highest natural sources of Vitamin D. These aren’t necessary (many of our recipes already contain organ meat) but are a great addition to any of our recipes.
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grass-fed, finished

Beef: Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney

Bison: Bison Liver, Bison Heart, Bison Kidney

Lamb: Lamb Liver, Lamb Heart, Lamb Kidney

Venison: Venison Liver, Venison Heart, Bison Kidney

Beef: Crude Protein (min)17.5%, Crude Fat (min) 5.25%, Crude Fiber (max) .3%, Moisture (max) 71.5%

Bison: Crude Protein (min)15.9%, Crude Fat (min) 6.1%, Crude Fiber (max) .5%, Moisture (max) 75%

Lamb: Crude Protein (min)17.6%, Crude Fat (min) 7.4%, Crude Fiber (max) .5%, Moisture (max) 72.1%

Venison: Crude Protein (min)19%, Crude Fat (min) 3.75%, Crude Fiber (max) .5%, Moisture (max) 75%

Keep frozen. Feed within 4 months.

Serving three to 4 times a week as a supplement to our recipes is ideal, but anywhere from monthly to daily, based on your pet’s weight, is beneficial. Defrost in the refrigerator and serve. Serve within 5 days of defrosting.

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