Protein Spotlight: Organic Duck

JULY 2021

Tags - Cats, Dogs, Duck, Food, Pets

At Shine Pet Food: We use whole, ground, vegetable-fed, pasture-raised ducks in our Gently Cooked Recipes. 

The Benefits: Duck is a great way to spice up any pup’s diet and its nutritional perks are many, including ample omega-3 fatty acids that nurture healthy skin and a shiny coat. Duck is an excellent source for selenium, zinc, and several B vitamins. Both zinc and selenium are antioxidants that help to boost the immune system. Selenium also helps to maintain normal thyroid function.  

It is higher in fat than other protein sources and should be fed in moderation to pets that are overweight and have a history of pancreatitis. But it’s great for dogs who do high-energy sports or need help putting on weight. And it’s a good all-around alternative for animals with allergies to chicken, turkey, or beef. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine: Duck is considered a yin-tonifying cooling meat, which is generally good for dogs with inflammatory conditions like allergies, arthritis, or cancer.