Protein Spotlight: Organic Beef

MAY 2021

Tags - Beef, Cats, Dogs

At Shine Pet Food: Our beef is organic-certified, grass-fed, and raised by small private ranchers in Colorado, New Mexico, and across the U.S. These ranchers use rotational grazing and other sustainable practices and are members of the Savory Institute (Land to Market), the Quivera Coalition and/or the American Grassfed Association. The way they raise their cattle makes the meat much better for your pet. 

The Benefits: Compared to beef from factory farms raised on grain, grass-fed meat is lower in overall fat and at the same time, higher in the good fats—with up to five times more omega-3s. Even the leanest cut from feedlot cattle, for example, can still have two thirds more fat than the same cut from grass-fed. This lower fat-to-protein ratio more closely mimics the ancestral diets of cats and dogs.

Grass-fed beef also has up to four times as much vitamin E as factory-farm meat. And it’s an excellent source of amino and essential fatty acids, niacin, vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12, and C, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, and potassium. Unlike feedlot cattle, pasture-raised animals are not feasting on growth hormones; nor does their meat contain traces of antibiotics and other drugs. Because they’re not packed in and overcrowded, they have lower stress levels and less exposure to disease. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine: Beef is considered a qi (energy) and blood tonic so it can be very helpful for animals that are recovering from an illness or surgery. It’s also considered a neutral (yin or yang balanced) protein. Neutral foods are great for any dog and cat, and can balance the effects of hot or cold foods.